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From Alexei Danchenkov <>
Subject Apache::Cookie->expires under Windows
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2001 21:48:28 GMT
Hi, All,
I posted a message on the subject a little earlier, but apparently I need
to learn more.

The Apache::Cookie->expires as below adds unwanted information
(header dump attached) to the date and subsequently does not want to
bake ($cookie->bake).

This is the code:
my $cookie = Apache::Cookie->new( $r, -name=>"access",
-value=>$cookie{"access"}->value, -expires=>'+20m' );

I run ActiveState Perl under the Win32 (WinME) with mod_perl 1.26
under Apache 1.3.22. Whether I run it on the Linux or use CGI::Cookie
everything goes just fine. What's so wrong with Windows or the script
or mod_perl (libapreq) that this happens?
Cheers, Alexei

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