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Subject Oddity w/ mod_auth_digest
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 04:43:57 GMT

Unable to access site, errlog shows:

    [error] Digest: user `lembark' in realm `CDR' not found: /cdr/Data

Checking the password file, it's there -- moving it or changing
the location in httpd.conf gives an unfound file error. Checking
the doc's on for the mod_auth_digest, their example
at looks like:

  <Location /private/>
  AuthType Digest
  AuthName "private area"
  AuthDigestDomain /private/
  AuthDigestFile /web/auth/.digest_pw
  Require valid-user

Mine looks like:

        $Location{'/cdr'} = 
                PerlSetEnv      => "BASEURL $baseurl",

                SetHandler      => 'perl-script',

                AuthType                => 'Digest',
                AuthDigestFile          => "$ServerRoot/digest_pw",
                AuthName                => 'CDR',
#               AuthDigestDomain        => '/cdr',

                require         => 'valid-user',

                PerlHandler     => 'Cdr::Welcome',

I've tried various combinations of '/cdr' and '/cdr/' in
both the location, AuthName and AuthDigestName without
changing the error message. Commenting out the domain
(shown above) hasn't done any good either).

The password file was created from the current apache
version's htpasswd via:

    htpasswd -c -m -b lembark foobar;

which I thought should have created the proper entry.

I havn't had a chance yet to test whether the site works
with this outside of the perly section.

Is there any documentation that describes this in more 
detail than the mod_auth_digest.html, or has anyone
seen this specific error?


Steven Lembark                         500 W. Madison, St. 3100
Knightsbridge Solutions                       Chicago, IL 60661
"Performance that Empowers"                     +1 312 577 0210

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