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From Gunther Birznieks <>
Subject Re: transient object data
Date Sun, 23 Dec 2001 07:47:16 GMT
At 03:33 PM 12/23/2001, brian moseley wrote:
>On Sat, 22 Dec 2001, brian moseley wrote:
> > doesn't it seem like there should be a way to denote
> > object data as transient so that it doesn't get
> > serialized by Storable, etc?
>dammit, i keep deleting peoples' replies before i am able to
>reply to them myself.
>gunther's suggestion was to use multiple inheritance. would
>it be possible to use an attribute instead?

By attribute do you mean an element of the data structure that is blessed 
in the object? Or do you mean some sort of new attribute you would assign a 
new Serializable data type (ala something to suggest for Perl 6).

Actually I think I was suggesting multiple inheritence as the 3rd 
mechanism. But I think it is fairly mandatory that the Transient object be 
an attribute or element of the data structure hash or array.  Because not 
only objects should be serializable with transient elements, but so should 
general data structures I suspect.

This is not so in Java so much, but definitely in Perl with it's more 
flexible ideas of what constitutes a data structure vs object then 
serialization needs to be equally flexible I suspect. Of course, this 
brings us back to the discussion of what a Perl bean would be like and how 
different it should be from Java.

Gunther Birznieks (
eXtropia - The Open Web Technology Company

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