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From Per Einar <>
Subject [OT] Re: XML::LibXML
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2001 16:08:21 GMT
At 16:58 28/12/01, Fred wrote:
>I know (guess?) my answer in somwhere linked with Dynaloader.
>But I do not find the link between XML::LibXML and libxml2. Do not man have
>to specify it somewhere? Where is the link between C libs and Perl?
>How come can calls to undefined methods like $self->_parse_file() (in method
>XML::LibXML->parse_file()) can be found? Where is the inheritance defined?
>Well, I have to say that I did not investigate much on Dynaloader. I thing I
>missed a step before reading perldoc Dynaloader.
>If somebody has an hint (or an URL?, manpage?) for me starting at
>understanding this process, I would be grateful !

You should read up on XS, the glue mechanism between Perl and C. The book 
"Advanced Perl Programming" from O'Reilly has some great chapters on the 
subject. You might also want to see the perl man pages on XS (perlxstut and 
perlxs). also has some good 
information (see "XS Mechanics").

XS is not vital to program Perl, it's mainly for linking in external X 
libraries (like XML::LibXML does), and to implement some functions in C for 
them to be faster.

Per Einar Ellefsen

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