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From Andrew Green <>
Subject Re: Preloading
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 10:59:09 GMT
In article <>,
   Stas Bekman <> wrote:

> Weird, what Perl version are you using? Can you do:

> perl -MFcntl -le1
> or
> perl -le 'require Fcntl'

Both seem to work (producing no output, but no errors either).  The
*really* peculiar thing is that actual scripts that "use Fcntl" work with
no problems -- but I can't preload the module, or preload other modules
that use it.

According to /perl-status, I'm using perl 5.00503 for Apache 1.3.19 on
Red Hat 6.2, mod_perl 1.21.  On processes that have accessed these
scripts, Fcntl shows up on /perl-status?inc and claims to be version 1.03.

If it's any help, HTML::Entities displays exactly the same behaviour (and
claims to be version 1.22).


      article seven      Andrew Green
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