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From Andrew Green <>
Subject Preloading
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2001 15:21:54 GMT
I'm trying to use a startup script to preload a selection of common
modules, but am having massive problems with Fcntl.

If I use Fcntl (); either in the startup script directly or (worse) in
any other modules I try to preload, Apache dies silently and immediately
upon restart.  Checking the syntax of httpd.conf reveals no problems, and
nothing unusual is written to the error log; the only indicator is that
subsequent restarts report that shutting down httpd failed, and of course
actual web accesses fail.  The initial restart claims to have been OK.

CPAN suggests my version of Fcntl is up to date.  I'm using perl 5.00503
for Apache 1.3.19 on Red Hat 6.2, mod_perl 1.21.

Using the module as normal in the scripts themselves works as expected;
it's only when I try to preload it that the problem takes place.

TIA for any hints,

      article seven      Andrew Green
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