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From clayton <>
Subject Re: [OT] Re: XML::LibXML
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2001 01:31:27 GMT
try perldoc XML::LibXML

i got this perl module working fine

Per Einar wrote:

> At 16:58 28/12/01, Fred wrote:
>> I know (guess?) my answer in somwhere linked with Dynaloader.
>> But I do not find the link between XML::LibXML and libxml2. Do not 
>> man have
>> to specify it somewhere? Where is the link between C libs and Perl?
>> How come can calls to undefined methods like $self->_parse_file() (in 
>> method
>> XML::LibXML->parse_file()) can be found? Where is the inheritance 
>> defined?
>> Well, I have to say that I did not investigate much on Dynaloader. I 
>> thing I
>> missed a step before reading perldoc Dynaloader.
>> If somebody has an hint (or an URL?, manpage?) for me starting at
>> understanding this process, I would be grateful !
> You should read up on XS, the glue mechanism between Perl and C. The 
> book "Advanced Perl Programming" from O'Reilly has some great chapters 
> on the subject. You might also want to see the perl man pages on XS 
> (perlxstut and perlxs). also 
> has some good information (see "XS Mechanics").
> XS is not vital to program Perl, it's mainly for linking in external X 
> libraries (like XML::LibXML does), and to implement some functions in 
> C for them to be faster.

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