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From Alastair Stuart>
Subject modperl questions
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 14:38:53 GMT
hello world,

I have been eavesdropping on this list for a while and have
enjoyed the general discussion.

I have been working on a perl based application for about a
year now, and am longing to migrate to mod_perl.  I build
a few simple commercial sites with mod perl previously
and loved it. My current project is slightly more complex as
there are multiple levels of application and management.  It
is vanilla cgi at the moment, for ease of dev and it isn't
easy to find skilled perl craftsman here in S.A. I have
written some tools for migrating the module tree to mod_perl,
but have some questions nagging before I go ahead. Here goes,

There is a central database of client information which is
queried for application specific data: databse name, ht root,
cgi-bin (each application instance runs its own cgi-bin so that
the application can be customised to the clients needs) etc.

Not all the cgi will migrate to mod_perl for customisation &
maintenance  needs but the code engine should/must.

question one

There is a need to add new client profiles to the centralised
database, which create new application filesystems, new database
structures and CGI trees.  Thus a new profile can be created
and activated with the push of a few buttons, but, as it stands,
the cgi structure looks like this

it would be better if it was

just using normal aliasing,

but now the problem,

-- how to add new aliases to httpd.conf or ./conf/
without having to restart apache ??

 - i have found no linear solution, but there may be a
craftier solution, even if some reworking needs to be done

second question:

Now that we have multiple application and databse instances
running concurrently, how do we ensure that filehandle and
Apache::DBI symbols are reliably encapsulated in their
own namespsaces, all running off the same codebase ?

I just feel i need a bit of affirmation that this is 100% before
i start this arduous journey


Alastair Stuart
Systems Developer
Quirk R & D
3rd Floor Armoury Building
Buchanan Square
160 Sir Lowry Road
Cape Town

land: +27 21 462 7353
 fax: +27 21 462 7354

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