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From Wim Kerkhoff <>
Subject Re: [OT] Re: Multiple Sites
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 03:27:55 GMT
Joe Brenner wrote:
> "Andy Sharp" <> wrote:
> > As others have aluded to, if you're trying to serve
> > multiple domains (or hostnames) off one IP, you use a
> > system called software virtual hosting.  HTTP/1.1 Supports
> > the Host: field in the http header to resolve to the site
> > domain.
> There's a limitation on virtual hosts though, if you want to
> do any kind of ecommerce stuff with SSL (which works via the
> IP number), it won't work if you try to do it with more than
> one of the vhosts.

Yeah, I've scratched my head on that issue before. Eventually I gave up
after reading the mod_ssl docs:

The most common way to do it is to use IP aliasing to assign multiple
IPs to your server, once for each SSL vhost. I just did a search through
the apache-modssl mailing list, and you can actually do multiple unique
SSL name-based vhosts on the same IP, _if_ use use separate ports for
each. That might be acceptable as well... ie is accessed via, is, etc.



Wim Kerkhoff, Software Engineer
Merilus, Inc.  -|-

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