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From Michael A Nachbaur <>
Subject Re: Apache::Session and frames
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 23:26:33 GMT
> Basic Idea, what is the path argument of the cookie you are using? If the
> called pages are lying underneath different roots then the cookie
> won't be read.
> I even do not loose the session between windows :-)

Thanks for the prompt reply.  The way I have this going, is a file at:
which just performs a redirect to /callisto.xsp (so that it has a chance 
to create the cookie).  /callisto.xsp creates a frameset which loads, 
among other things:

Each one of those sub pages are in their own frames, and each attempts 
to load the session.  Occasionally, one of them successfully loads the 
original session, but the other two end up creating their own sessions. 
  When I call:
   tie %session, 'Apache::Session::Flex', $id, \%options;
it doesn't return anything in $@, except there is no data inside 
%session.  Therefore, the code that checks for _session_id, thinks that 
this is a new session, and goes ahead to create one.

Any ideas?

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