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From Szymon Juraszczyk <>
Subject Modperl + ASP-perl buffering problems
Date Wed, 26 Dec 2001 17:35:08 GMT

  I use Apache-1.3.22 + modperl-1.26 and Apache::ASP 2.29. I experience
problems with Apache::ASP $Response->Flush() method, which is supposed to
push already printed data to the client. Although this Flush() method calls
print() method from modperl's Apache request object, the data are still
getting buffered somewhere. The magic $| = 1 in Apache::ASP code doesn't
seem to help. The author of Apache::ASP module says it used to work with
previous versions of Apache and modperl. I even tried manually calling
rflush() method but it didn't help either.
  Are there any mechanisms in modperl code that buffer the data? How to make
Flush() method from Apache::ASP work then?

Szymon Juraszczyk,
Surfland Computer Systems S.A.
tel. +48 71 78-02-952,

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