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From Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Subject Re: Case of the Vanishing Symbol Tables
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2001 06:17:45 GMT
On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 04:15:49PM -0600, Stephen Clouse wrote:
> With the PerlModule/%INC problem recently being rehashed, here's another one 
> involving PerlModule vs. use that will really bake your noodle.
> Attached is a full mod_perl trace, where I hacked into perl_require_module a 
> dump of one of my vanishing namespaces on each module load.  So you can 
> definitely see it's loading up properly.  All is well until you reach the end, 
> where it starts reloading everything, and the namespace is now completely gone.  
> Exporter predictably throws an error at this point (since @EXPORT_OK is now 
> undefined) and the server fails to start.  OTOH, one wonders how Exporter got 
> the call, since @ISA is gone as well.
> I posted this once before and got blown off -- a pox on to those who tell me to 
> check @INC or what not.  There is nothing wrong with my code or my setup -- the 
> only change I have to make to get things working is to `use` all the PerlModule 
> modules in first, before they're called with PerlModule.  And don't 
> tell me to just use `use` either -- they all load up Apache config directives, 
> so PerlModule has to be called at some point so Apache recognizes the 
> directives.  But if things were working as advertised, PerlModule would be all I 
> need.
> The two obvious questions:
> 1) Where the fsck did everything go?
> 2) Why does this only emanate when stuff is loaded up via PerlModule?  I mean, 
>    look at perl_require_module -- all it does is `eval "require $foo"`.  Hard to 
>    go wrong there.

I'm willing to bet that this is the Known Nasty having to do with how
Apache re-reloads modules.

Are you using mod_perl as a DSO?  If so, have you tried it statically?

Daniel Jacobowitz                           Carnegie Mellon University
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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