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From Chris Winters <>
Subject Re: User customisable website application?
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2001 04:07:06 GMT
* Russell Matbouli ( [011209 19:44]:
> As the final year project for my degree, I'm implementing a
> user-customisable website application (aimed at multiuser websites)
> in mod_perl. Can anyone tell me if something like this already
> exists? My searches so far haven't turned up anything like this.
> Just to clarify what I mean by customisable - the user can log in
> and change their colour scheme, font, ordering of components, choose
> a theme... The sort of thing you see on some commercial websites.

The application servers listed at the mod_perl site [1] should be a
good start. (Altho I note that the recently announced OpenFrame [2]
isn't on there.) Speaking for OpenInteract, I can say that this is
definitely possible without a huge amount of work. The color scheme,
font, theme etc. is already there, and the component ordering and such
would be fairly simple to add in.



Chris Winters (
Building enterprise-capable snack solutions since 1988.

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