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From Leon Brocard <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] OpenFrame 2.05
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 11:44:34 GMT
Jonas Liljegren sent the following bits through the ether:

> I checked it out from CVS.  But there is no INSTALL file.

Right, there is however a lib/OpenFrame/Install.pod which I've just
updated to clear things up. I guess we should copy the text to INSTALL
to make things clear. The Apache stuff still hasn't been fleshed out.
> I guess I should do some Apache configuration or run a custom HTTP
> server.  But I can't find anything about it in README or FAQ.

You can run the examples (which use the standalone HTTP server) after
making install which should give you a good idea of how things work.
> What will happen if I do a "make install"?

The Perl modules get installed. Nothing else. It's just an application
framework: you have to build the rest. However, it isn't hard. For
example, go into "examples/hangman2/" and run "./hangman2" for a full
(fun!) example using sessions and TT2.

> But I'm still havenn't a general picture of the principle design.

Right. I guess should contain a top-level description of
how it all works. I'm going to turn the examples into walk-throughs as
that'll help too I imagine.
> It feels like too much module documentation to read before I have
> decided if I would liek to realy try it out.

It's not *that* much work:

  % cvs update
  % perldoc lib/OpenFrame/Install.pod
  % make install
  % cd examples/hangman2/
  % ./

Try it out and tell us what you think ;-)


ps thanks for you comments

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