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From David Shrewsbury <>
Subject 2.78 and mod_perl 1.26 troubles
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 15:43:38 GMT
Hey gang,

I just upgraded the perl module to 2.78 (don't know what the old
version was) and now none of my scripts running under Apache::Registry
are working. Instead of executing the scripts, I'm prompted to save the
script. Here is a sample script:

   use CGI qw/:standard/;

   print header;
   #print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n";
   print start_html, h1("Hello, World!"), end_html;

This works in the regular cgi-bin directory, but not in the directory
for the mod_perl scripts. Uncomment the line that manually produces the
header and comment out the call to header() and it works fine.

I'm also getting the occasional error message in the error_log:

	[Thu Dec  6 10:41:53 2001] [error] Can't coerce array into hash 	at
(eval 35) line 31.

Has anybody else experienced this or have any clue as to what
may be going on?

Here is the perl section of httpd.conf and relevant stats:

  Apache 1.3.22
  mod_perl 1.26
  mod_ssl 2.8.5

	Alias /perl/ /usr/local/apachessl/perl/
	<Location /perl>
	  SetHandler    perl-script
	  PerlHandler   Apache::Registry
	  PerlSendHeader On
	  Options       +ExecCGI

	PerlRequire conf/
	PerlFreshRestart On
	PerlTaintCheck On


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