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From "Brian" <>
Subject Forking problem with mod_perl...
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 03:16:21 GMT
I'm writing a script that will run under mod_perl.  Right now, if I
disable mod_perl the script runs fine.  When I turn mod_perl back on, it
stops working.  Here's the lowdown.

Basically I'm writing a program that will take a users email address and
their password, and make an attempt to figure out what mail server they
use to check their mail.  To speed things up, I'm forking off a process
for each possible server.  So, if your email address is,
then my script would try the servers:

And so on.  Each attempt would be a new fork.  Now, what is happening is
$SIG{CHLD} is being completely ignored with mod_perl on.  And it's
driving me nutty trying to figure out why.  I've declared it as a
package variable, I've declared it as a local variable, and nothing
seems to work.  Does anybody have any idea why SIG{CHLD} would be
ignored under mod_perl?

Brian Johnson
Programmer/Systems Administrator
Online Marketing Management and Solutions

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