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From "Chris Thompson" <>
Subject Can I use mod_perl to pass authentication details to apache from an HTML form?
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2001 08:49:46 GMT
I would like to set up a password-protected area within my website where my
web design clients can preview changes to their sites before they go live.
Although I know how to password protect directories using .htaccess files, I
would prefer to bypass the standard grey Authorization pop-up screen and
instead let users enter their username / password details through an HTML
form (which I think would look more professional).

If possible, the system for authenticating / authorizing the user would also
redirect them to the appropriate directory for their site.  At present, the
only way I can think of to handle both the redirection and the
authentication is to have the user enter their details twice (once to
redirect using CGI, then again to authenticate)... and I'm sure there must
be a better way of doing it.

So my question is can this be done using mod_perl, and if so how might I
approach this?  I've read the relevant chapters of the Writing Apache
Modules book, but I'm a bit new at this and after lots of head-scratching
I'm afraid I don't find myself any closer to a solution.

Incidentally, I have control of a dedicated server running Redhat Linux 7,
which came pre-installed with apache and mod_perl.  Judging from the apache
configuration files, it appears that Apache::Registry is being used to
handle scripts in the /perl directory of my webspace, and I've successfully
managed to run a test script there.

Any advice would be much appreciated,


Waverley Internet Design

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