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From brian moseley <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Wombat and libservlet releases
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 08:00:17 GMT

(apologies to those for whom this is a cross-post)

after many months, i'm finally able to announce releases of
my various servlet packages.

 - libservlet 0.9.2 (servlet api)

 - Wombat 0.7.1 (servlet container)

 - Apache::Wombat 0.5.1 (embeds Wombat w/in Apache/mod_perl)

these are all what you might call 'preview releases'. even
if the idea of servlets gets you all hot, you probably don't
want to start porting your apps just yet. but you can now
fairly easily set up a mod_perl-based environment for
servlet applications. it's pretty neat.


there are installation instructions at the Apache::Wombat
site. given my history with cpan and bundles and what not, i
wouldn't be surprised to hear of problems. please direct
them to the list. thanks.

other than what you see on the web sites, there's not really
any other documentation. nothing that draws it all up in a
nice package with a ribbon on top. you will have to do a
little bit of thinking. but hopefully some of you will be
motivated to do so.

what's next

now that these initial releases exist, i'm working on a new
round. currently that means writing servlet wrappers for
mason, axkit and possibly other popular templating systems.
i'll also be working more on spec compliance.

my goal with all this is to stimulate discussion on web
application standards and how webapps integrate with p5ee as
it evolves. i'm not going to be a fierce advocate of
servlets themselves, but i hope that many of you will
experiment with the software and see for yourselves the many
good ideas in the servlet spec (and learn from the

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