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From "Ken Y. Clark" <>
Subject Re: mod_perl-1.26, threads and
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 21:49:16 GMT
On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Toni Andjelkovic wrote:

> Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 22:43:32 +0100
> From: Toni Andjelkovic <>
> To:
> Subject: mod_perl-1.26, threads and
> i will need to request an external URL multiple
> (several hundred) times, where each request contains
> a different "arg". then i need to process each response:
>     http://foo/bar?arg=84375
>     http://foo/bar?arg=43896
>     http://foo/bar?arg=98945
>     ...
> the problem is that i need to do this from within a
> single Apache/mod_perl process.
> so i'd like to spin off about 10-20 threads and let
> them handle the task concurrently by using LWP, join
> on them, collect the response data and finally send a
> summary to the client.
> is this possible on mod_perl-1.26 (with 5.6.1, on either
> Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris)?
> what are the caveats?
> if possible, one thread blocking for socket IO should
> not block the entire Apache/mod_perl process. will perl
> take advantage of kernel threads if the host OS supports
> them?
> is there anything special regarding perl/mod_perl/Apache
> compilation (besides of -Dusethreads)?
> should i use 5005threads ("") or ithreads for
> this task?
> is LWP considered thread-safe?
> thanks,

I would like to unask your many interesting questions by asking if
it's absolutely necessary that the data being returned by your
processes has to be done through an HTTP request.  If you need some
large dataset that can be had by making all these requests, could you
not package up the logic into one module to do all the requisite
queryring (or whatever) and return you one large chunk of data?  If
the HTTP interface is absolutely necessary, I'd still question whether
you could make put all your logic into something like a SOAP


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