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From <>
Subject SegFault report with backtrace
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 14:26:48 GMT


Here is a simple handler that causes segfaults in our server.

The uses XS for creating configuration settings. The purpose is to
set 'Testing' flag on or off in .htaccess files. I tried to make the
module as simple as possible.

The specifications are in the attachments files. sf_install.txt contains
the information about the mod_perl compilation and the test
module. sf_case1.txt contains the backtrace in Mandrake 8.1 with perl
5.6.1 while the sf_case2.txt contains the backtrace from Debian 2.2 with
perl 5.005_3.

To sum up the attachments, the error_log gives warnings like:
[debug] mod_perl.c(1322): [warning] PerlFixupHandler stack is not an ARRAY!
and the backtrace gives information like:
... type=0x81264d4 "SERVER_CREATE") at perl_config.c:896

The segfault problems seems to haunt me whenever I try to create new
configuration directives. In fact the different and unsolved segfaults
have made me test many combinations with different versions of linux, 
perl, apache and mod_perl during the last year. Maybe better luck with
solaris? Too bad that propably the fault lies with me.

Of course, I'm more than happy to test/give more info about the segfault
problem! Best wishes,

Kari Nurmela,, (02) 333 8847 / (0400) 786 547
	University of Turku, Finland

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