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From Medi Montaseri <>
Subject mod_perl alias directories
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2001 22:35:04 GMT

I have successfully installed mod_perl and am using it. 
I have two question.

1- Currently I have designated a /pm directory to contain my mod_perl
codes, a collection of classes. I then have instances of these launched
from non /pm directory. I did this so that I don't have to be back at
cgi-bin perdicament where all my CGIs are in one directory. I never
liked that style. But I'm still forced to put my base classes in /pm.

Is there a way to instruct HTTP that perl code in any directory should
be used as mod_perl similar to ExecCGI. Or perhaps for a better/cleaner
approach, any perl code with some extension such as foo.cgi-mp or foo.cmp

2- I currently have to restart my HTTP for changes to my mod_perl code
take affect. Is there any way so I don't have to do this. I can see that
this is not going to work in a large organization where IT handles the
production web servers.


Medi Montaseri                     
Unix Distributed Systems Engineer            HTTP://
CyberShell Engineering

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