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From "Khachaturov, Vassilii" <>
Subject RE: Shutdown
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 21:37:11 GMT
BTW: yes, I know that AxKit is still downloadable off CPAN.
However, the docs therein are often in a "To Be Done" stage,
referring to the online docs & mailing lists at all over the
I didn't mind it while AxKit was online, but now it is not, I just
can't work with AxKit without the reference material -
the necessity to open the source every now and then is too taxing.

Some of the material is available in the "" subdir of
the distro - where the xml source of the docs is located.
I never tried to set it up to work locally, though - always went
to for the rendered version. 

Maybe, it's high time to thoroughly catch up on the docs now, 
and make a new AxKit release - just with the docs update?
Or, if you don't have time to, but have these lists offline, maybe 
you could package a snapshot (maybe as a separate fake
perl module, if you don't want to increase the AxKit bundle)?
Also, a quick-start on localizing hte for local man browsing...


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> From: ed phillips []
> Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 4:26 PM
> To: Khachaturov, Vassilii
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> Subject: Re: Shutdown
> "Khachaturov, Vassilii" wrote:
> > 
> > Hi Matt, do you have any news on planned re-appearance of
> > current axkit docs and mailing list archives online? The net people
> > memory is short, if you don't come back noone will know 
> what AxKit is :-(
> > Or did you abandon it in favor of smth better?
> > 
> Just to add to this. I've, several times, recommended Axkit to people,
> only to have them not be able reach or 
> and have them
> no longer entertain the possibility of working with it....

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