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From Guillaume <>
Subject Perl Handlers and namespaces.
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 20:19:37 GMT
I ran into this problem today. I am trying to develope a small
application server with a few handlers and Apache/1.3.22 .

So I have something that looks like this set up in the apache conf file:

<Location /somewhere>
   <Limit GET POST HEAD>
      Allow from all
   PerlRequire ""
   SetHandler perl-script
   PerlHandler AppServer

   AuthName "AppServer"
   AuthType Basic
   PerlAuthenHandler AppServer::Auth
   require valid-user

   PerlAccessHandler AppServer::Access

Now, you notice that these packages are all under the same namespace.
This, somehow, causes an 'Undefined subroutine &AppServer::handler
called.' each time the server recieves a request from a client. However,
if i move the main handler into another
namespace or simply rename it to ( and adjust the apache conf
file of course ) the error magically disappears. If one of the access
handler or authentification handler is under the same namespace as the
main handler, i always get the undefined subroutine error msg.

I'm not sure why or how apache handles this or if it's a bug or if i'm
just too tired and missed something somewhere else. I would appreciate
someone's insight on this. Is it a bug / limitation /... ?

Thanks for your time,

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