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From Steve Piner <>
Subject Re: Installing modules
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2001 20:36:59 GMT

John Michael wrote:

> Where can I find information on how to install modules like:
> Apache::Request     libapreq-0.33.tar.gz
> Apache::DBI            ApacheDBI-0.88.tar.gz
> Would I install these as regular perl modules or are they installed as
> apache modules?

They are regular perl modules. They only run under mod_perl though. :-)

If you can, use the CPAN shell to install modules, (see 'perldoc CPAN')

Otherwise, download and extract the module then change into its
directory. Read the README and INSTALL files. Then - assuming those
files don't say differently - type

perl Makefile.PL
make test

And if you're happy with the results, su to root and type

make install

Hope this helps.


Steve Piner
Web Applications Developer
Marketview Limited

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