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From Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha <>
Subject Re: mod_perl, pipes, and "No child processes"
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 23:36:23 GMT
> I was under the assumption that doing something similar to:
> my $returnval = $msg->send();
> Would give a similar answer.
> I'll give the $? a shot though.   I've noticed that from the shell, it
> always has a 0, and that would show up as false under perl...

Well, on the shell and every other program, an exit status of 0 means
success, and a higher one means an error of some kind.

Btw: /bin/false ; echo $? ==> 1
     /bin/true  ; echo $? ==> 0

Also, the SIGCHLD is sent when a child exits, no matter if in error.
You should then check the $? for the reason of the exit and for the
return code, if exited normally.

  Luciano Rocha

Luciano Rocha,

The trouble with computers is that they do what you tell them, not what
you want.
                -- D. Cohen

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