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From Toni Andjelkovic <>
Subject mod_perl-1.26, threads and
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 21:43:32 GMT
i will need to request an external URL multiple
(several hundred) times, where each request contains
a different "arg". then i need to process each response:


the problem is that i need to do this from within a
single Apache/mod_perl process.

so i'd like to spin off about 10-20 threads and let
them handle the task concurrently by using LWP, join
on them, collect the response data and finally send a
summary to the client.

is this possible on mod_perl-1.26 (with 5.6.1, on either
Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris)?

what are the caveats?

if possible, one thread blocking for socket IO should
not block the entire Apache/mod_perl process. will perl
take advantage of kernel threads if the host OS supports

is there anything special regarding perl/mod_perl/Apache
compilation (besides of -Dusethreads)?

should i use 5005threads ("") or ithreads for
this task?

is LWP considered thread-safe?

Toni Andjelkovic

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