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From "Issac Goldstand" <>
Subject Re: http or https in URL?
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 16:35:14 GMT
*sigh* Didn't we have this argument out about 2 months ago???

There's an old thread on this and most of what's being said here isn't
adding anything, but rather repeating things...  The conclusions were
basically that the best way would be to check $ENV{HTTPS}, but I seem to
recall someone pointing out that this only happens late in the request...
The port check is unreliable as that is only standard ports.  Possibly,
there might be some dvantage into seeing if mod_ssl, or another module, can
be configured to set $ENV{HTTPS} a bit earlier in the request if this is
really a problem.


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From: "Reif Peter" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 17:37
Subject: http or https in URL?

> In a mod_perl handler I want to construct the original URL of the request.
> can construct it with r->get_server_name, r->get_server_port, r->uri and
> $r->parsed_uri->query.
> But how do I get the protocol, http or https.  Is there a way to find out
> whether SSLEngine On is set?
> Yes, I can set it with "PerlSetVar protocol https", but is there a simpler
> way?
> Thanks in advance,
> Peter
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