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From "Bryan T. Schmidt" <>
Subject Re: generic symbol problems with LogFile
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 20:00:26 GMT

Geoffrey Young wrote:

>>Bryan T. Schmidt wrote:
>>  This seems funny to me...
>>  I have Perl 5.6.1, Apache 1.3.17, and mod_perl 2.8.0.  I am 
>wow, that version of mod_perl is up there ;)
>I know there were some AIX additions for 1.25_01 that went into mod_perl.exp
>around the same time as some windows stuff.  you might want to make sure
>your version is up to date
>>Half way there... Resolved .ap_* errors by adding to the Makefile:
>>now i just have ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol:
>>I tried adding a similar -bI: to my mod_perl.exp, but it did not 
>>help... clues, anyone?
>perl_get_startup_pool is defined in apaci/mod_perl.exp, so maybe that will
Hmm... updated to 1.25_01 (2.80 above was mod_ssl... oops).  Installed 
it, but LogFile still complains... added appropriate 
-bI:(sourcedir)/apaci/mod_perl.exp, but that did not help.

I am totally lost... perl_get_startup_pool does not seem to wind up in 
my mod_perl.exp file, but I don't know why.



Bryan T. Schmidt
Systems/Network Administrator
Profitool Inc.

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