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From Robert Landrum <>
Subject Re: [OT] Inspired by closing comments from the UBB thread.
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 15:33:00 GMT
>In his closing comments about UBB Kyle Dawkins made a statement that got me
>wondering. He said "there's SQL embedded all throughout the Perl everywhere
>(who does this?! oh my god, are they on crack?)". This comment got me
>wondering about alternatives to embedding SQL in to the code of a program.
>Alternatives I see are to use stored procedures which would limit one to
>using a certain DB server (or to be proficient in many servers and write
>stored procedures for all server flavors which would mean one is a very busy
>Perl and SQL guru) or possibly storing the embedded SQL in some sort of
>external file structure accessible via storable, XML::Simple or some other

I, as a crackhead, do embed my SQL into my modules.  I've never liked 
the idea of a central SQL library... Too many dependencies.  If I 
change one query in the library, I could end up breaking lots of 
modules using that query.

I have, on occasion placed all the SQL into a %SQL global (since it's 
static).  Then it get's shared by all the apache processes when the 
module loads.


"A good magician never reveals his secret; the unbelievable trick
becomes simple and obvious once it is explained. So too with UNIX." 

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