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From "Rob Bloodgood" <>
Subject RE: Apache::DBI in generating error
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 18:31:11 GMT
> Alternatively, you can remove
> use Apache;
> from Apache::DBI and then you can test it perflectly fine from the
> command-line, you just won't be able to use connect_on_init()
> which is the
> only reason Apache::DBI seems to load ( is
> causing your
> problem not Apache::DBI).
> >It's not a problem. Apache::DBI expects mod_perl env, and hence you
> >test it from the command line. I suppose that you don't have a problem to
> >start the server with Apache::DBI loaded.
> >
> >It's documented somewhere is the guide too.

Well, it should be documented "somewhere in the guide", or presumable in
Apache::DBI.pod, that one should *only*

PerlModule Apache::DBI

Since it's pointless in (right?).

Then a block like:

if ($im_in_mod_perl_now) {
	$Apache::DBI::parameter = $newvalue;
	# etc

would be completely appropriate in

My $.02


#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Disclaimer qw/:standard/;

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