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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Perm Module VM_Monitor (fwd)
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 13:54:56 GMT
This is one of those emails where my address is confused with mod_perl
list's addresses.

Ian, if you have questions about mod_perl you should ask them at

I didn't work with AIX for ages, so neither could be much of help with its
compiler problems, howerever there are a few folks on the list, who can
probably help you.

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Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 14:40:58 +0100
From: Ian Jones <>
Subject: Perm Module VM_Monitor

Help please. Do you have any other documentation. I realise some of the
problems we incurred are self inflicted.

We are using Apache under the guise of IBM's websphere products on AIX
4.3.3 with RS6000 servers. We thought that the VM-Monitor would be very
however our knowledge of Perl and C is extremely limited. One of our Unix
Admin guys had a go with the following results.

1) Spend three hours finding out about CPAN modules and picked up one very
important fact - mod_perl needs to be installed/configured beside the
before any of this could be used.

2) Spend another couple of hours finding the source code for mod_perl and
getting it onto a test node.  Now the fun starts

3)  Need a C compiler to compiler mod_perl and the test node didn't have one
I had to find/download/installed/compile gcc on to the node

4) First failure trying to compile mod_perl was that it needed perl (pretty
obvious with hindsight).  So I moved the C compiler and the mod_perl build
environment to the unused HUB system (as PSSP comes with perl).

5) Oops the packaged version is not at a high enough level.  I found an AIX
perl runtime on the BULL site at the minimum level required and installed

6) Now the instructions on mod_perl are invalid for IHS and building a DSO
it took at bit of time to find a Web Site with the relevant flags listed.

7) Now the apxs system (api extensions) failled as the file appears to be
misconfigured - there are no instructions anywhere on what it should be so a
little bit of trial and error was required to get passed this bit.

 8) Now the C compiler requires a file that doesn't exist and does say what
 should be in it.  So time to move C Compilers - I installed the IBM C
 to see if that gets a further.

 9) Link errors about symbol tables - will this hell ever end.  The compiler
 couldn't find a symbol table in one directory (it was in another one) so a
 symbolic link came about.

 10) Hurray - I finally get a copy of created with no errors.
 to test it with IHS.

 11) Bugger - segmentation fault everytime its called - another search of
 internet shows an article saying that for AIX a patch must be applied to
 perl distribution before mod_perl is created.  It lists all the relevant C
 but gives no indication on how to apply it or in which file.  Yet more
 makes me think the patch would have to be added to the perl source code and
 recompiled - as I don't have the source its a dead end.

ANY help would be gratefully appreciated.


Ian Jones

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