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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject mod_perl IRC channel
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 12:00:06 GMT
Someone recently visited the mod_perl IRC channel and said they had a hard
time finding it. So I thought I'd post here again.

Come chat to other mod_perlers at:

Channel: #take23

There's also a URL bot on the channel that publishes URLs posted to
Take23, so if you have an interesting link for mod_perl people, then you
can visit the channel and post your link LIVE! Just type your URL at the
start of the line, title it, and people can add comments to it:

<URLBOT> The last item is named: P
<baud> P:|Take23 - mod_perl news and resources
<baud> P:The rockingest site on the net!
<dude> P:I agree!
<baud> CHURN
<URLBOT> got me churnin'...
<URLBOT> I have updated

See you there!


    /||    ** Founder and CTO  **  **     **
   //||    ** Ltd   **  ** XML Application Serving **
  // ||    ** **  ** XSLT, XPathScript, XSP  **
 // \\| // ** mod_perl news and resources:  **
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