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From (Alan E. Derhaag)
Subject Re: deprecated our() indicated in perldoc of Getopt::Std
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 22:01:25 GMT
Paul Johnson <> writes:

> On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 02:36:32PM -0700, Alan E. Derhaag wrote:
> > I upgraded to v5.6.1 of perl and viewed the documentation for the
> > Getopt::Std as I wasn't familiar with its use for command line
> > arguments on a new install function I was building.  The docs indicate
> > use of our( $opt_foo, $opt_bar ) should 'use strict vars' be in use.
> > I wasn't familiar with this deprecated version of global variable
> > definitions but I used it..  much to my chagrin when the install was
> > actually performed on a perl v5.05003 equipped machine.
> This hasn't got much to do with modperl, but ....

Oops, quite right..  it was from a helper function to install on a
modperl server machine..

> You installed 5.6.1, read the docs, used "our" and found it didn't work
> on 5.00503, right?
> That's because it's new with 5.6.  From where did you get the idea that
> it is deprecated?  Quite the opposite is the case.

Could have fooled me!  I thought it was a term I'd never learned..
especially since the perl 5.00503 execution indicated that it was
deprecated with:

Use of reserved word "our" is deprecated at /tmp/ line

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