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From Dave Hodgkinson <>
Subject Re: Apache growing.
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2001 10:25:47 GMT
Michael Bacarella <> writes:

> (I'm not sure this is even a code problem. Maybe perl is just bad at keeping
> a single consistent working set and the copy-on write from the parent Apache
> kicks in and keeps increasing unique per process memory consumption).

There's lots of good stuff in the mod_perl guide on tracking down
leaks. Both perl and mod_perl have both been extensively tested .

It's worthwhile to have done this at least once so you know how to do
it when you really need to do it. In addition, profiling your code is
a Good Thing to do :-)

Dave Hodgkinson,                   
Editor-in-chief, The Highway Star 
	  Interim CTO, web server farms, technical strategy

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