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From Andrew Ho <>
Subject RE: Extracting required files
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 16:50:20 GMT

FH>Does anyone know of a perl command/or a simple way that would extract
FH>all .pm and .pl that a perl script needs in order to run?

SL>I think the question being asked is , how to resolve ALL dependencies ,
SL>not just the first level given in the app. For example , I may use some
SL>libs that in turn use others , and so on in multiple levels of nesting.

If the program actually runs (e.g. all the dependencies are already there)
then you can just use Data::Dumper or simple Perl to print out the
contents of %INC. This will tell you what has loaded. There's probably
more correct ways using -D or one of the Devel:: modules, but printing out
%INC is pretty easy.

If it doesn't actually run (e.g. you're missing some dependencies) then
it's more difficult--in fact you can't figure out your dependencies
because your missing dependencies may require other modules you don't have.



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