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From Andrew Ho <>
Subject Re: Simple password method?
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 16:44:48 GMT

MH>We are working with some financial folks who would like us to set
MH>passwords when we bring apache up, rather than using a config file.
MH>We tried various permutations of inputting variables in the ''
MH>file and so on - although we could echo the variable, if we input it,
MH>it was not available to the child processes.  If we set the variable
MH>to a string it is always set, however.

The logic of having webserver that needs human intervention to set up, in
a production environment, is somewhat doubtful. What happens if your
webserver goes down and needs to be brought up automatically?

That aside, your question is a bit confusing. Do you mean that, if you do
this is the startup script:

    $password = 'constant';

That the children get the value of $password, but when you prompt for the
password during startup, the children don't?

If you put the password in a global, it should persist across the children
as the Perl startup script is run before forking. Perhaps you should try
fully qualifying the namespace:

    chomp($My_Company_Name::PASSWORD = <STDIN>);

And then refering to $My_Company_Name::PASSWORD in your scripts.



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