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From "Brian" <>
Subject RE: Dynamic httpd.conf file using mod_perl...
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2001 23:37:32 GMT

> it seems to me you're conflating your goal and your means of achieving
> it.

I don't think I'm conflating the goal and the means.  At least I don't see
how I am....

> this is certainly possible by generating your configuration files
> using a perl script, outside of using mod_perl.

Aaah, but you see that would create a bunch of configuration files or make
one huge configuration file.  My method would eliminate all but one
configuration file (httpd.conf) and use our billing database to create the
configuration files.  That way when a client is deactivated in the DB it's
automatically deactivated in apache the next time it's HUP'ed.  Yeah, I
could write a separate perl script to go in, find the line that says
"Include /www/conf/viraul/domain.conf" and then pound it out and restart the
server.  I can also write a perl script to create all the config files for
me.  But why not do both in the config file if possible?

It's all written, only problem is the mod_rewrite directives.  Any ideas on
how to do them in a <Perl> directive?  Thanks in advance.

Brian Johnson
Systems Administrator/Programmer
Keweenet, LLC (
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"Coffee is a direct substitute for sleep."

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