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From Christopher Fox <>
Subject pulling arguments off rewrite rule
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 01:15:20 GMT
I am trying to get the arguments from a referrer off a rewrite rule

here's the deal:

I have a request coming in

I want to pull the ref=xxx and have it follow the user throughout my site

I am using a RewriteMap to a program and want to return the QUERY_STRING
when rewriting the url 

so when a user clicks the next page 

I rewrite it to

unfortunately the RewriteMap program is not recognizing the QUERY_STRING and
returning null
(i can return a static string no problem)

this must be a trivial issue but I am banging my head

my boss wants me to do this in JSP and I am trying to defy him
as i have told him mod perl is waaaaaaaaaay better



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