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From Bird Lei <>
Subject Re: mod_perl DSO leaking on restart?
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 01:43:05 GMT
Same here.  I did a few graceful restarts and the usage jumped to 80M from 
10M...  Then I "apachectl stop" and "apachectl start" to get a clean 
restart, it works fine.

I am new to this list.  Maybe this problem has been addressed...

At 10:40 PM 2001/4/25 -0400, Philip Mak wrote:
>On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Stas Bekman wrote:
> > > There is also the strange case of mod_perl leaking memory on graceful
> > > restarts when compiled as DSO.  But I don't feel like getting into
> > > this one quite yet.
>Hmm. My httpd was using 20 MB. I did "apachectl graceful" ten times, and
>the usage jumped to 24 MB. Then I did "apachectl graceful" another ten
>times, and the usage jumped to 29 MB.
>I guess that's the reason (or one of them) that my httpd grows bigger and
>bigger as time passes. My mod_perl is a DSO (I run two copies of httpd,
>one without mod_perl and one with; I set it up as a DSO since this way I
>only need one executable). Should I recompile it statically linked?
>-Philip Mak (

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