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From Bolt Thrower <>
Subject Apache::AuthTicket and MD5 question
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 17:45:19 GMT
In version 0.20 of Apache::AuthTicket, there are a few calls to
Digest::MD5->md5_hex().  According to the documentation for Digest::MD5,
md5_hex is a function, not a method call.  So, for example, when
AuthTicket compares my password to the MD5 digest in my database that
was placed there by php (md5()), it's essentially doing an md5sum of
("Digest::MD5","password"), which needless to say doesn't match the
string that's in the database.

Shouldn't these md5_hex calls be changed to Digest::MD5::md5_hex()?
Steve Chadsey <>
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