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From Aaron Johnson <>
Subject Run away processes
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 20:48:42 GMT
Hello all,

Having some hard ( for me ) to track memory usage issues. We have moved
our production environment to a new machine with what we thought was
plenty of memory, but we seem to have an erratic bit of code somewhere
that eats all the available memory.  We did not have this problem on our
previous machine, but it was running RH 6.1 and Perl 5.005 so by moving
to RH 7.0 and Perl 5.6 we have really asked for trouble.

My research shows that it might be in a search routine we have that
calls in Swish-E, but we can't get a consistent run away process when

In "the guide" it is recommended that a sub in the file:
               my $class = shift;
               warn "$class can't \$UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD!\n";
to trap undefined sub routines might help find the problem.  I added
that code and now I am getting a laundry list of "bad" calls.  Here is
just a short list:

Apache::ASP::Server=HASH(0x929ebc4) can't $UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD!
Apache::ASP::Collection=HASH(0x91d3374) can't $UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD!
Apache=SCALAR(0x8d61160) can't $UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD!
Apache::ASP::GlobalASA=HASH(0x91d31d0) can't $UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD!
Errno=ARRAY(0x8317564) can't $UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD!
DBI::DBI_tie=HASH(0x83d1d64) can't $UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD!
MLDBM::Serializer::Data::Dumper=HASH(0x917091c) can't

These are all repeated several times.  I ran the same
UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD sub on another server and got very similar results (
the older RH 6.1 and Perl 5.005 one ) so it seems the errors might be
"normal" or at least under Apache::ASP.

So the summary of my setup is:
RH 7.0 ( with all RPM updates and new gcc )
Perl 5.6
Apache 1.3.19 compiled with the corrected gcc
mod_perl 1.25
Apache::ASP 2.09

If any more info is needed let me know.

Aaron Johnson

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