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From "Bridges, Jon" <>
Subject RE: Problem with ASP Pages
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 10:55:55 GMT
>>"Bridges, Jon" wrote:
>> I'm working on Windows 2000 and have finally managed to get the mod_perl
>> Apache::ASP extensions working. I can confirm this as when I open up .htm
>> files with embedded asp everything works fine.
>> However I come across a problem when trying to view .asp files as my web
>> browser IE5.5 will try and download them.
>> Has anyone got any ideas on why this is happening
>Are you sure the .asp files are being executed?
>If they are, then they send a Content-Type: text/html header
>by default, so IE 5.5 should handle it.  Did you 
>get the examples to work in the ./site/eg directory?
>They have .asp files there.
>You can see the headers that are being sent by 
>  lwp-request -ed $URL
>if content-type is being set and IE still doesn't get it,
>I'm not sure what to say? 

I have figured out why the .asp files were being downloaded instead of
executed. This was because I had not declared .asp in the mime.types file.
I couldn't do the lwp-request as I am running Apache on Windows 2000, is
this a Linux command?

Now all that happening is an error in the error log saying 
"No such file or directory: couldn't spawn child process"

I think this is due to a directory setting in the asp file.  If anyone knows
of any other problems that can cause this can you let me know

Thanks guys

Jonathan Bridges

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