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From "Michael" <>
Subject Re: Long KeepAlives sensible?
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 21:22:18 GMT
> At 02:36 PM 4/6/01 +0200, Elizabeth Mattijsen wrote:
> >1. To facilitate memory management, I would like to have the apache child 
> >terminate whenever the keep-alive connection is broken or has timed 
> >out.  There does not seem to be a handler that will handle the end of a 
> >keep-alive connection yet.  Is that correct?  Is there a way around it?
> I just realised this is a non-issue.  Just do a
> Apache->child_terminate and the child will terminate at the end of
> the request, which _is_ at the end of the KeepAlive...
What if you want to explicitly zap the KeepAlives but not terminate 
the child. Example -- http chat scripts. Basically it amounts to 
having KeepAlives off for the particular script but on for everything 
else. How does one accomplish this.


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