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From Bruce Albrecht <>
Subject Re: Fast DB access
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 23:16:11 GMT
Matt Sergeant writes:
 > On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Differentiated Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., wrote:
 > > H/W : Celeron 433 with 64 MB RAM, IDE HDD using RH 6.1, perl 5.005,
 > > Postgres 6.5.3
 > This is a very very old version of postgresql. Try it again with 7.1 for
 > more respectable results.

It's more likely you are seeing hardware bottlenecks with this
configuration.  For example, the Intel Celeron has half the L2 cache
of a Pentium 3, or one-fourth the cache of a Pentium Xeon.  Also, your
Celeron has a 66 Mhz bus, compared to 100 MHz for the P3, at least
with the 466 MHz Celeron.  With a 600 MHz Celeron going for US $60 and a
600 MHz P3 going for US $110 (approx. lowest prices at,
a faster CPU might help, and probably not break the budget.

Second, 64 MB is probably not enough memory for a multitasking OS with
a web server and relational database.  I suspect that you are doing a
lot of swapping when running all this in 64 MB.  If you ran some tool to
analyze disk and memory usage, you would probably find that this
configuration with postgresql was thrashing, whereas the MLDBM
solution might not even hit swap at all.  With the recent drop in
memory prices, 256MB can be found for less than US $50 (hmm, maybe I
should get more), and would likely improve your webserver performance
regardless of the solution you use.

There's more to benchmarking than just running some wall-clock
timings.  While MLDBM may be the best solution for you, someone else
might find that with slightly more powerful server, running an up-to-date
version of Postgres accomplishes their requirements just as well.

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