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From "G.W. Haywood" <>
Subject Re: Error reporting mod_perl 1.25 + apache 1.3.17
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 18:41:00 GMT
Hi there,

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Matisse Enzer wrote:

> I compiled perl 5.6 and Apache 1.3.17 using gcc egcs-2.91.66
> on a RH Linux 6.1 system.
> If I compile Apache without modperl it run OK. If i compile it with 
> mod_perl 1.25 I also get the segmentation fault on startup.
> I looked in ../mod_perl/SUPPORT  and didn't see anything obvious 
> about this problem.

The SUPPORT document is intended to help you to provide information
which will be helpful to those trying to help you...

I hope that's clear. :)

I'm sure there must be people on this List who have successfully built
mod_perl systems using exactly the packages you have mentioned.

Anyone care to confirm that?


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