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From Andrew Ho <>
Subject Apache/mod_perl mysteriously closing connection
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 01:58:11 GMT

So we've had an extremely odd situation happeningly lately and I thought
I'd query this list to see if anybody has experienced anything similar.

I have Apache 1.3.14, mod_perl 1.24_01 statically compiled into it, and
Perl 5.6.0 running on Solaris x86. A variety of mod_perl scripts (at the
moment, all Apache::Registry style) and CGIs runs on this box. Both CGIs
and Apache::Registry scripts use DBI with Oracle (all recent versions).

Sporaically (perhaps 1 in 100 requests) and unpredictatably, requests seem
to be getting dropped without being logged. In a browser, this would be
indicated by a "document contains no data" error. Absolutely no headers or
content are sent. The strange thing is that Apache also does not log any
sort of access or error.

Doing a packet sniff, I see that the request is delivered to Apache, then
Apache gives back a TCP FIN and ACK, closing the connection without
sending anything at all.

On the most telling case, Apache::StatINC gave out the typical "subroutine
redefined" errors, then browser indicated "document contains no data" and
nothing was logged in Apache.

Others seeing this have reported the bug to occur in batches, e.g. if it's
good, it's good for thousands of requests at a time, then if it fails, it
fails several times in a row.

I'm totally mystified and it's really hard to reproduce. Has anybody else
seen any behavior similar to this? Thanks in advance--



Andrew Ho     
Engineer                   Voice 650-930-9062
Tellme Networks, Inc.       1-800-555-TELL            Fax 650-930-9101

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