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From "Stathy Touloumis" <>
Subject RE: Development Environment
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 15:42:47 GMT
I actually was nearlly successful in accomplishing some sort of mechanism by
which developer packages can be mapped to a virtual package which the real
package points to (did this make sense?).  Anyway, it needed to tap into the
symbol table way too extensively and ran into several problems.

I also thought about configuring the apache server differently on
development so that child processes get recycled much faster than on
production so as to allow for each request to use it's own memory.  This can
be resource intensive but again it would only be on development.  Also,
packages/modules will need to be called on a per request basis in

I will let you know if it is feasible.


> I agree. I've seen many people try to do shared memory/cached programming
> in one server and it just doesn't work very well in practice. It
> only takes
> one programmer a typo to take everyone else down until the bug is fixed.
>  From Jakarta/Tomcat to IIS to Apache/mod_perl. Developers having
> their own
> workstation is the best for testing and active development. Of course, a
> staging server needs to be shared. But it's a lot cleaner once the
> developer has debugged their own code.

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