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From "Harald Meier" <>
Subject RE: Doh; StatINC can't find files?
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 15:53:42 GMT

do you have a with something like

	$ENV{MOD_PERL} or die "not running under mod_perl!";
	use lib qw( /your-path-to-your-libs );

which is registred in your httpd.conf with something like 

    PerlRequire /etc/httpd/
    PerlInitHandler Apache::StatINC
    PerlSetVar StatINC_UndefOnReload On
    PerlSetVar StatINC_Debug 1

or did you add your lib path directly in httpd?

you have to set your (%INC) BEFORE running your scripts.



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From: Nick Tonkin []
Sent: Samstag, 03. Februar 2001 04:06
Subject: Doh; StatINC can't find files?

Hi folks,

Maybe I'm just rusty after 8 months off, but my StatINC can't find files 
that exist on the system:

wm ~>tail ~wm/wm/logs/errorlog
Apache::StatINC: Can't locate /home/wm/wm/perl/WM/

wm ~>perl -e '$file="/home/wm/wm/perl/WM/"; $mtime = (stat 
$file)[9]; warn $mtime;'
963258607 at -e line 1.

I thought it might be perms, but:

wm ~>ls -la /home/wm/wm/perl/WM/
-rwxrwxr-x    1 wm       wm          10357 Jul 20  2000 

And the same thing happens with Apache::Reload ...

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious; any clues?



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