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From Gunther Birznieks <>
Subject [OT] Friendy Reminder
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 05:01:19 GMT
There have been a LOT of Off Topic (OT) posts this week on the mod_perl 
list without the OT prefix. At least more than I've seen as usual.

Please take the time to add a [OT] prefix to the posts when it is not 
directly mod_perl related.

If you are responding to a clearly OT post that didn't know better, please 
put the [OT] in your subject in response so that subsequent responses will 
have the [OT] in there with a little note letting the original poster know 
(eg a simple sentance like "I added [OT] to the subject because this thread 
is off topic).

Thanks. :)

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