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From Gustavo Vieira Goncalves Coelho Rios <>
Subject suexec denies execution of scripts
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 21:07:00 GMT
hi folks! I am trying to get virtualhosts configured so it permited to
execute my scripts from them.

The problem is that when i call my scripts using the domain uri i get an
error on suexec_log.

Here is it:

[2001-02-01 17:44:45]: error: command not in docroot

That's always happens when i try
But when i try i
get no problem and my scripts runs perfectly.

Here is my virtualhost configuration.

    DocumentRoot /usr/home/hortalica/.public_html
    <Directory /usr/home/hortalica/.public_html>
        Options Includes
    <Directory /usr/home/hortalica/.public_html/cgi-bin>
        Options ExecCGI

Now the questions: Why i get this error "command not in docroot"?

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